Ambient Electrical Releases Information about Power Point Installation Services in Balmain NSW

02 Oct 2019

Sydney eastern suburbs electrical services company Ambient Electrical has released information about their power point installation services and why it’s important to hire a licensed electrician to install power points. They can also repair, relocate or retrofit power points, all of which are jobs best left to a professional.

One clear sign of how well a power point retrofit was completed, is how well the cabling is hidden. While in some circumstances it’s necessary to use surface duct to hide cabling, a good professional electrician service like Ambient Electrical will do their best to hide cabling in cavities, ceiling and floor space, or fixed furniture such as built-in robes. More information about Ambient Electrical’s power point installation services can be found here:

According to their website, the installation of additional power points can make a home or office safer by reducing the number of long exposed power cords in the space. Anyone needing to plug in an electronic device will not have to go too far to find a plug when there are ample power points in the space. More power points can also prevent blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers by spreading out the electrical load across circuits and preventing any given circuit from being overloaded.

When it comes to new homes, legally they are required to have at least 2 power circuits. Furthermore, each new power point installed is required to have a Residual Current Device, or RCD, also known as a safety switch. Safety switches are important to preventing injury or death from home electricity use, and work by switching off the power to a power point or an entire circuit if they detect an imbalance in current that can precede an electric shock to a person. Ambient Electrical can install, repair and test safety switches to ensure they are up to code.

Watch this video:

Ambient Electrical services Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and they do all kinds of electrical work. The list includes installing emergency exit lighting and cooktops, testing for electrical faults, and repairing and retrofitting power points. They are highly reviewed by customers, with one review from customer Radana saying, “As a recently retired property manager of 14 years, finding tradesman with professional conduct was always a necessity in running a rent roll smoothly. Peter began working with the office approximately 5 years ago where he was contracted to complete electrical work to several of the managed properties. He was always very courteous to both the staff and the tenants and his workmanship could never be faulted. Peter always went beyond what our requirements we’re and also included extra services that were not charged for, simply as it would have not taken much time to do. If there was a larger issue, Peter would contact us with a quote ready for us to forward to our landlords. This saved us a huge amount of time and our landlords were always impressed with the lack of going back and forth. I highly recommend Peter to any person seeking an honest, reliable tradesman who takes pride in his work, ensuring that his workmanship is at its best level.” Other reviews highlight the professionalism and attention to detail and quality of Ambient Electrical.



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