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Ambient Electrical is the local Electrician Bronte residences rely on to service their homes and businesses. Many of these premises in Bronte are adversely affected by the corrosive elements from the ocean.

How does the corrosion affect your electrical installation? The salt from the ocean’s mist penetrates the electrical components of indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, appliances and protective equipment on your switchboard.

As a result, these components begin to rust and eventually stop working or become electrical hazards. Your Meter Board enclosure is no exception. This is the hub of your electrical installation but it is exposed to the strong winds and corrosion from the ocean. It is essential that in be kept in good condition. The hinges on these enclosures are the first things to rust resulting in a partially closed or a fully exposed switchboard.

Regular inspection of the Meter Board enclosure is highly recommended. Whilst you are there make a visual inspection of all circuit breakers. Take note of any signs of corrosion or water penetration. Test all Safety Switches by pressing the Test Button. This simulates an Earth Leakage Fault on the circuit and shut down all power to the appropriate circuits. Please Note that all Manufactures of Safety Switches stipulate that they be tested once a month.

All homes and electrical installations within 15kms of the ocean are all affected by its corrosive properties. Ambient Electrical strongly advises clients that all exterior and interior lighting, ceiling fans and appliances be washed down every 6 months.

Clients are disappointed when they see their recently purchased lights losing their shine. Within a few months the Stainless Steel begins to rust or the powder coating starts to lift. The seal on these lights start to perish and then begins the egress of moisture. Before you know it you have tripped circuits and other electrical issues.

With regular inspection and cleaning you can keep your electrical installation free of corrosion adding to the safety and functionality of your Bronte home or work space.

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