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Do you require a Randwick electrician that is punctual, courteous and knowledgeable? An electrician that strives for excellence and takes pride in his work and the service he delivers?

Ambient Electrical has the product knowledge and experience to assist you in making the right choice in lighting, climate control and necessary upgrades to your electrical installation. Switching your old halogen Downlights to modern, energy efficient LED technology and adding additional power to your home or business, Ambient Electrical has you covered.

Emergency Electrician Randwick

In the event you want an emergency electrician in Randwick to fix poor lighting around your property, Ambient Electrical should be your first point of contact.

Are you continuously changing globes? Are some lights still not working even though you have replaced the globes? Or do you require greater lighting throughout your home or business?
Lighting has evolved with the introduction of LED technology. LED lighting offers you greater lighting, and significant lower maintenance and running costs of outdated Halogen, Fluorescent and Incandescent lighting. With leading manufactures offering a 5 year warranty on LED lighting, it makes sense to upgrade your lighting www.sunylighting.com.au. The minimal Call-Out fee for an electrician in Randwick to replace transformers, followed by the significant drop in energy bills, has encouraged many homes to make the switch.

Are you running leads from power points to operate appliances, computers or TV’s? Are you experiencing over loaded circuits?

Do We Know The Homes as An Electrician in Randwick?

Many homes and apartment buildings in Randwick were built in the 1960s-70s or earlier. The electrical installation back then was designed to power the TV, stove and Transistor Radio. The Modern home with all its technology and appliances requires substantially greater power load. Ambient Electrical has the experience, knowledge and skills to increase the capacity of your current electrical installation. Adding circuits and outlets within your home or business gives you an added protection against faults and nuisance tripping as well as a more organised living and working space.

Installing additional power doesn’t have to result in unsightly duct or conduit running up and across the walls. I make every attempt to conceal the cable in cavities. If duct is required to run additional power, Ambient electrical strives to make it as neat as possible, utilising skirting profiles or corners to hide unsightly cable.

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Thinking about updating Switching and PowerPoints in your Randwick home?

At Ambient Electrical, we have assisted hundreds of customers in creating their ideal home and business space with the installation of a wide range of PowerPoints and switches in Randwick. Retro fitting Switches and PowerPoints can be done in various ways, but the key to achieving a professional finish is hiding the cabling. Although this can be done using surface Duct, Ambient Electrical will always try to access cavities, ceiling and floor space, an/or fixed furniture like BIW to hide the cable. With years of experience and attention to detail we advise our clients of the most effective way to achieve the best possible outcome.

The leading brands, Clipsal, Hager, and HPM/Legrand have a wide range of PowerPoints and Switches from the Standard Range to Architecturally Designed. The prices range considerably depending on the brand and type you choose. However, Ambient Electrical with our extensive product knowledge provides their clients with affordable alternatives that do not compromise quality or aesthetics.

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We stock the standard HPM and Clipsal range but we will advise and order other products on request.

Adding extra PowerPoints to your home or business will help safeguard your living and working space from dangerous exposed power leads.  In addition to this, the installation of extra PowerPoints will reduce the chances of blown Fuses and tripping Circuit Breakers due to overloads. Installing new switches will give your rooms that added modern look and functionality.

Why Choose Ambient Electrical as your preferred Randwick Electrician:

  • Your enquiry is answered FAST – by the owner!
  • Reliable… We arrive on time every time or the job is FREE!
  • Honest & Genuine prices up front – No Hidden Costs
  • You receive a fair fee for service – usually cheaper than competitors
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • We are Courteous, Conscientious, and Clean. Your home or office space is left cleaner than when we arrive.

Ambient Electrical specialises in new homes, renovations and extensions. Our charter is to work closely with our clients by assisting them to make informative, safe and creative choices. We are able to do this with our extensive knowledge, skills and experience gained from 15 years in the industry. We encourage you before deciding on an electrician to view our testimonials and reviews by following the Review section on our Home Page.

For further information or answers to your questions please call us at Ambient Electrical on 0415 684 120

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