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Power outage at your home or office is not a pleasant situation to be in. If you lose power, stay calm and follow these important steps.

If you are in Randwick call your local Randwick emergency electrician. This will need to be done on your mobile device as your land line will not function in a power outage. Your electrician will ask key questions that will determine the source of the power outage.

A power outage (blackout) occurs for two main reasons.

Firstly, the Power Supply Authority has got an issue with the supply to your premise. If your street or neighbours property is without power then the problem is with the power supply coming from the Sub-station or street pole. There might be some properties in the street that have power and not others. This indicates a power interruption with one or more phases that feed that street with power. In this situation, contact your local authority (Ausgrid if you are in Sydney at https://www.ausgrid.com.au/poweroutages#!?v=R or on 131388.

Secondly, the blackout is caused by a fault at the switchboard powering your installation. In this case, your local Randwick emergency Electrician will need to visit your premise to identify the root cause of the power outage. The cause could be a number of things, but more than likely there would be a faulty with the Main Switch. The Main Switch could have blown due to short circuit in a final sub-circuit or the Main Switch has just seen better days and is in need of replacement. Either way, your qualified Sydney electrician will be able to identify the root cause and be able to fix it there and then so you can get on with whatever it was that you were doing; hopefully not going to bed L

Listed below are some important things to remember during a blackout

Use flashlights over candles

Prefer flashlights (remember your mobile device has a built in torch)  as an emergency light over candles for safety. You do not want to be calling the Fire Brigade as well as your local emergency Sydney electrician.

Don’t check the fuse by yourself.

Although we understand the anxiousness and nervousness that comes during a blackout at home it is never safe to check the fuse by yourself. Contact an licensed emergency electrician and let them  handle the situation.

Contact an emergency electrician.

The best way to deal with an emergency blackout situation is to contact an emergency electrician in Randwick. Ambient Electrical in Randwick provides on-time and hassle-free electrical services at an affordable price. Ambient Electrical has an efficient team of electricians in Randwick which are available for 24-hour emergency service.

These above-listed points are a must to remember in case of an electrical emergency or a blackout at your premise. It is highly recommended that you do not to touch any appliances, power sockets or the wires when you are barefooted. If you have any concerns contact your local emergency electrician in Sydney.

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