Install A Smoke Alarm With A Professional Electrician In Randwick, NSW

16 Oct 2019

Bronte NSW based Ambient Electrical recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of the need to have smoke detectors installed. The company considers the campaign a necessary step to fulfill their commitment to the communities they serve. Learn more by visiting the following link:

Ambient Electrical understands that some residents or business owners may hesitate to pay for an item, that they may never need. Company owner and operator Peter Stafford says, “After all, it’s possible you’ve never seen a true blaze outside televised news. You may be inclined to believe that a fire of that magnitude will never touch your home, or that you’d always be able to smell smoke and respond quickly enough to remedy the situation yourself. However, one of the reasons that fires get out of hand is that people don’t take the threat of a fire seriously enough.”

While emergency situations, by definition, are not the norm, Stafford explains that an emergency is exactly what a smoke alarm is designed to prevent. “Homeowners may live without incidence for 99% of their lives, but it sometimes takes only one stray spark from an electrical outlet to put them and their family at serious risk, to say nothing of the investment they have put into their home and belongings.”

He further points out that people are far less sensitive to smoke than a smoke alarm, which is specifically designed for this function. He says, “An individual cannot rely on their senses to alert them in time, in the event of a fire. This is true even if they’re awake and aware—and the problem is compounded if they’re asleep.” For instance, it is nearly impossible to detect carbon monoxide gas, a by-product of inefficient burning. Odourless and colourless, it can cause a loss of consciousness at a high enough concentration. This could prove fatal to everyone in the event of a fire.

For more information, watch this video:

As Ambient Electrical states on their website, “Each year, Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) attends approximately 4,500 residential fires in NSW alone. On average 21 fatalities occur in residential fires across NSW every year. According to FRNSW case study, 1/3rd to a half of those lives could have been saved if the smoke alarms in those homes were in good working order and had a Fire Escape Plan in place.”

Aside from the risks to personal safety, Stafford points out that homeowners have to comply with local laws regarding smoke alarms. The Building Legislation Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Act 2005 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation 2006 mandate that at least one smoke alarm must be placed on every floor of all residential and commercial properties. This includes rental properties, owner-occupied properties, caravans and campervans, and relocatable homes and/or any other residential building where people stay & sleep.

“Given that the average homeowner or business would not know the ins and outs of these legal requirements,” says Stafford, “it is highly recommended that they seek the services of a reliable, professional electrician. Whether compelled by law or good practice, a local professional would know that smoke detectors also need to be installed outside each bedroom—and a property with multiple smoke detectors should have them interconnected to ensure that one alarm can set off the rest if necessary.”

In addition to this, they can also help the property’s inhabitants or employees understand what additional measures they need to take to ensure the detectors are functioning correctly. This may include informing them that it is mandatory to replace lead or alkaline batteries every 12 months, to replace alarms every 10 years and to have the smoke alarms tested every 12 months as well as teaching them the proper way to test detector batteries each month, interpreting the manufacturer’s instructions regarding replacement, and so on. “It is vital,” Stafford adds, “that any and all smoke detectors are placed in locations where smoke is most likely to reach them. This depends on more factors than can be considered through guesswork, and only someone with the requisite training and experience will know not only where to place a smoke detector but also which types of detectors best suit that location.”



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