EMF Guidelines

EMF Guidelines

EMF Guidelines – Regarding Electrical pollution there is much debate over the Guidelines for Safe Levels of exposure. Here in Australia our Advisory Agency ARPANSA along with the International Committee for Non-Ionised Radiation Protection ICNRP has what we believe to be unacceptably high levels. The criteria for setting these Guidelines are rudimentary and outdated. They use a basic Thermal Effect which assesses the heating of human tissue when exposed to radiation over a certain time period.

Our Guidelines are consistent with Building Biologists and our levels are set according to the amount of radiation that causes a reaction within the body. We take into account the effects on the Central Nervous System and our Biological make-up both physically and chemically.
As a comparison, the AUS Government have set their safe exposure levels at 1000mG where as our Guidelines are set 0.3mG for magnetic fields.

Research shows us that at
• 1mG the pull through or recovery rates in ill patients decrease.
• 2mG Melatonin gets blocked- Melatonin is responsible for our sleep/wake patterns and is a great antioxidant.
• 4mG there’s an increase risk Leukaemia
• 1.6mG Sperm Abnormality or Cellular Change

Interesting study showed a 260% increase in Mortality Rates in childhood Leukaemia in a group that was exposed to EMF compared to a group that wasn’t. There are over 25000 research papers detailing the harmful effects of EMF’s. We reference the Bio-Initiative Report that was complied by 28 Authors 22 of which has had Peered Reviewed Papers. Another is the NTP Study done in America in 2017 which revealed that rats exposed to frequencies around 2.8GHz contracted brain and heart tumours. These are the same frequencies we use for Bluetooth, Wifi and Mobile Phones. These trends have persuaded the World Health Organisation to classify Radio Frequency Radiation as a possible cause of cancer. In sum, there’s a lot of evidence based research all pointing in the same direction.

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