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Are you searching for an Electrician to install or upgrade your Pool, Spa or Water feature lighting?

Peter Stafford - Ambient Electrical Eastern SuburbIf so, Peter from Ambient Electrical has been installing and servicing pool lights in the Inner-West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney since 2010. With our extensive product knowledge and expertise in lighting design, we can assist you in creating an effective lighting arrangement that will be the envy of your neighbours. Whether it be planning and installing lighting in a new pool, upgrading or servicing your existing lighting we have got you covered.Pool Light installation Sydney

With the introduction of LED technology creating a mood through lighting has become a whole lot easier. Wireless Controllers like the Insta-Touch allow you to program and select your colour arrangement depending on the mood you would like to achieve. You can WOW your friends and family who have gathered for an evening BBQ or Pool Party with the touch of a button. It is so versatile you are able to create a magical, serene or party mood from the various lighting combinations in your pool, spa or water feature. The Insta-Touch also has a Dimming function depending on the type and model of Pool lights you have installed.

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The benefits of upgrading to LED Pool lights and replacing your halogen are numerous. There is a significant reduction in power usage costs, an increase in the life span of the lights, and a brighter more effective lighting pattern. There are various Pool light manufacturers such as Aquaquip and Aquastar that have lights to suit all types of pools including concrete tiled, vinyl and fibreglass finished.

The Good News:

More importantly, with water restrictions in place and the country experiencing water shortages you will be please to know that upgrading your existing Pool Lights doesn’t mean you need to drain the water in your pool. There are numerous retro-kits on the market that enable us to upgrade your pool lights whilst using the existing cables. This is all done without interfering with the lights waterproof properties.

Pool Lights Installation SydneyWith summer just around the corner, and the balmy nights in the Inner-West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney increasing, now is the right time to have your Pool lights inspected and in working order, so you can enjoy those evening swims safely. Your pool lighting is also responsible for creating a calm and serene mood in your back yard leaving you with the desire to spend those evening meals outside more often. Make the most of your Pool, Spa or water feature by having an effective lighting arrangement that allows you to maximise its benefits.

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