Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Installation

The wiring in your home is the backbone to your electrical installation. In many older homes (circa 1890’s to 1970’s) the wiring is decayed and inadequate.

The original wiring in earlier homes was installed with cloth insulated wire and rubber sheath before the introduction of TPS (thermos plastic sheath). In both cloth and rubber, the cable sheath breaks down creating a short circuit between live conductors. The Short circuit is responsible for blown fuses and arcing, which is the cause of many house fires.

Another reason to upgrade your cabling is to ensure your Electrical System can meet the demands of modern times. We have become reliant upon our Air Conditioners, Home Entertainment Systems, Electric Ovens, Electric Hot Water Systems, Pool Pumps etc. Therefore, the cabling in your home and business needs to be able to carry the required power to facilitate the operation of these additional items.

Today’s electrical standard also requires that all power and light circuits be protected by RCD (safety switches). Your Electrical system should be able to meet these Safety Requirements and also be capable of supplying enough power to accommodate the needs of the modern home.

Why should you upgrade

  • Your homes safety starts at the Switchboard/Fuse Box. Despite changes in the electrical code there remain a lot of homes in Australia that are inadequately protected against Short Circuit and Overloads. Furthermore, these same switchboards have no protection from Earth Leakage faults. Australian Standards require all light and power circuits be protected by a Residual Current Device.
  • Many homes still use Fuses to protect against Overload. The problem with this is Fuses do not respond to an overload as quickly as a Circuit Breaker. Fuses by their very nature are easily tampered with, and are a major cause of electrical fires. Circuit Breakers are a cost effective way to reset an overloaded circuit. Australian Standards have banned their use.
  • The increase demand for electricity in homes means that additional circuits may need to be installed. Extra circuits are needed if you plan on installing air conditioning, pumps, laundries, extra appliances, or building a shed or an extension/renovating.
  • Including Surge Protection is a safe guard against power spikes. Home contents such as Entertainment Systems, Computers, Washing Machines, AC, and Fridges are all controlled by micro-processors, which require a steady voltage. Power spikes from Electrical Storms or voltage drop or spikes from the grid will damage the processor and therefore your appliances.
  • 95% of an electrical installation is hidden from the Human Eye. Therefore most potential hazards are not detected before it is too late. Upgrading your Electrical installation, including cabling and switchboard greatly reduces the risk of injury and property damage.

Things to look out for

  • Tripping Circuit Breakers/Blown Fuses
  • Flickering Lights
  • Cables heating up, this includes extension cables and power boards, indicates a potential overload.
  • Cabling which is mechanically damaged or destroyed by rodents eating the insulation will eventually create a short circuit or earth leakage.
  • Pre-existing cabling that is outdated i.e. cabling that is insulated by rubber, or older cabling sheathed in cloth.

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