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Ambient Electrical has been assisting clients in Watsons Bay in transforming their homes and businesses with creative and practical lighting arrangements since 2011.

We believe the right lighting advice can help transform your home or business into a modern, sophisticated and energy efficient space. You may be surprised how various lighting arrangements can change the space of a room, adding charm, vibrancy and style.

We have extensive product knowledge, practical ideas and creative suggestions in how you can illuminate your home and business space.  Whether it be a new build or wanting to give the existing space a facelift, Ambient Electrical can assist you in making that project come to life.

Regardless of space, great lighting design can mean the difference between an average room, and an area that displays purpose, mood and charm.  Used properly, lighting can create an ambience that is perfect for entertaining; provide a feeling of warm and harmony in winter and functionality in a working space like a kitchen.

An excellent lighting display takes into account the space in which it is intended to illuminate, the orientation of lighting to do this and the theme, mood or scene it is meant to create. The correct choice of Lighting in areas like dining rooms can set the tone or complement existing furnishings. The selection of colour render, whether it be warm, cool or daylight is important when lighting various rooms or generating a particular feel throughout your home or business space in Watsons Bay.
Recessed Lighting such as the “Halogen downlight”, and the increasingly popular recessed LED lights are a great way to achieve that modern, sophisticated and vibrant atmosphere in your home. Although Ambient Electrical currently installs  Halogen Downlights, the LED variation has become a cost effective choice in the long term. This is because the LED lights are low maintenance and use far less energy. The LED uses 1/6 of the power (comparable light in Lumens) and has a life expectancy of 40000 hours compared to 4000 hours for a halogen lamp. Whichever option you choose, the Recessed Downlight creates a sleek, modern and effective look to your home.

Why Choose Ambient Electrical as your Watsons Bay Electrician

  • Your enquiry is answered FAST – by the owner!
  • Reliable… We arrive on time every time or the job is FREE!
  • Honest & Genuine prices up front – No Hidden Costs
  • You receive a fair fee for service – usually cheaper than competitors
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • We are Courteous, Conscientious, and Clean. Your home or office space is left
  • Cleaner than when we arrive.

We encourage you before deciding on an electrician to view our testimonials and reviews by following the Review section on our Home Page.

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