Ambient Electrical and the EMF Home Assessment

Ambient Electrical and the EMF Home Assessment?

About Us- Ambient Electrical specialises in Environmental Medicine and has attained our training through Geovital an Austrian based Naturopathic Health Clinic. We have been exploring the health effects of Natural and Man-Made Radiation for over 35 years. We have been helping patients recover from Serious Health Issues by improving their living environment and lowering their exposure levels to radiation.
 We believe that much of our sickness can be attributed to rapid changes in our environment. In regards to environmental Radiation, our exposure levels have greatly increased in just a few decades. Studies have shown our exposure levels to be 1 Quintillionth (1 with 18 zeros) times more than what they were 100 years ago. There exists a strong body of evidence based research that suggests our increased exposure to Radiation can be attributed to growing number of diseases such as cancer, in particular – Leukemia and Gliomas, neurological and psychiatric problems (sleep and mood disorders), along with headache, diabeties and infertility to name a few.
By making changes to the living environment we are treating the cause of the problem. We take a unique approach to measuring EMF’s in that we measure the body instead of the air. It’s very much a patient based approach and we have found that by measuring the body we get a greater understand of how much radiation the individual is absorbing. These findings allow us to make recommendations to alter your living space so our clients can improve their health.
Demonstrate the EMF METERS -The Meters which were designed in Austria have been designed to accurately measure the body’s exposure to radiation. The HF Field Probe requires you to hold the antenna. By holding the antenna you become an extension of the antenna and that is how we get an accurate reading.  The EF Field meter measure low frequency Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields. The flexible antenna allows us to take body measurements and contact surfaces to attain accurate readings.
How I started in Environmental Medicine – I started off my career in Environmental Medicine by virtue of being a qualified electrician. I had a client call me one day asking if I would come and do some Testing on her Earthing System. I asked why and she informed me that she was Electro Hyper Sensitive (EHS) and that she had gotten a Building Biologist to assess her home and this was oone of the recommendations they had made to eliminate a potential source of EMF. I had never heard of EHS and I was shocked when I found out that 3-5% of the population experience some form of this. And so this started me off on this discovery of helping people restore their health by making changes to their living environments. So my 20 years experience in the Electrical and Building Industry compliments what we do as Building Biologists.
The EMF Assessment Process- is an interactive process that will take 2-3 hours. It’s a comprehensive assessment that will provide you with everything you need to know about the radiation in your home and how best to reduce those levels to a standard that we believe is beneficial to your health. We will be getting you to take some measurements using various meters. This is exciting and will give you an insight into the levels of radiation that you’re exposed to.
What is included in the EMF Assessment- We will start by testing the Day time areas within your home including the living, kitchen and home office and make suggestions along the way on how best to reduce EMF’s in these areas.
Most of our time will be spent on the bedrooms as our experience shows that a healthy bedroom is vital in restoring health and preventing disease. After all, this is where the body does most of its repairing and healing.
1. We’ll be investigating Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields and High Frequency Radiation.
2. We will assess Geopathic Stress.
3. And finally, we will take a look at your mattresses and discuss why we believe the mattress plays a significant role in our health.
In sum– At the end of the assessment we will sit down with you and do a de-brief to discuss the radiation levels we discovered. Where required, we will make recommendations to reduce exposure levels by using products that have been independently tested and verified. We will also make recommendations that you can implement around your home to resduce your exposure levels.
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