What is EMF Radiation and what are its Health implications

What is EMF Radiation and what are its Health implications?

The earth naturally produces its own electro-magnetic field (EMF) that is determined by the North and South magnetic poles. The Earth’s magnetic field guards us from the Suns cosmic rays, Solar winds and filters Ultra-violet radiation. However, our position to the Sun provides the Earth’s Biology with much needed Infra-red, Visual Light and Ultra-violet radiation to allow living matter to photosynthesise. Humans have evolved over many millions of years in adapting to the Earth. As a result, we too have an electro-magnetic field that allow our body to function in a complex and efficient manner.

Man-made electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation has also become part of our spatial environment in the last century. Our growing dependency on technology, increase demand for electricity and changes in our social behaviour have created more sources of EMFs. The greatest increase in EMF radiation has come from the Electrical, Telecommunication and Broadcast industries. Telecommunication and TV broadcasters transmit signals over High Frequency Radio and Microwave bands. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) EMFs are produced from electricity that provides power to our homes and industries.

So why the concern? It was only in 1878 that Thomas Edison developed the first light bulb, yet it has taken a little less than 150 years to be living dependently in a wireless world. Most of us have a Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet that access Cellular networks and WIFI to receive and send calls and packets of data. However, Scientists share a growing concern that this wireless technology that operates using Radio Frequency Wave and Microwave technology is responsible for a lot of our health problems. While the effects of Gamma and X-ray radiation (Ionised) are a well known health risk the debate still exists around non-ionised radiation (ELF EMF, HF Radiation).

There has been over 25000 studies and reports done relating to man-made EMFs and its impact on human and animal health (Dr. Erica Mallery-Bligh). In 2011, World Heath Organisation (WHO) division for Cancer Research (IARC) classified Radio Frequency Radiation as a Group 2B Possible Carcinogen (The Bio-Initiative Report 2012, Sec23. P.2).

The Orebro University (Sweden) team led by Lennart Hardell, MD, an oncologist and medical researcher, produced a body of work on environmental toxins, including the effects of RF/Microwave radiation and cancer.

Their 2012 work concludes: “Based on epidemiological studies there is a consistent pattern of increased risk for Glioma and Acoustic Neuroma associated with use of mobile phones and cordless phones” (The Bio-Initiative Report 2012, Sec24, P.20).

In light of further findings into the effects of EMFs and RFR on human health the WHO conducted the Interphone Study in 2013 across 13 countries. This Study provided further evidence on the damages RFR has on human fertility and reproduction, fetal and neo-fetal development, cognitive behaviour problems in children and neurological damage. They cited mobile phones and wireless laptops used by pregnant mothers altered fetal brain development in offspring and their Blood Brain Barrier, with risk of poor memory.

The Bio-Initiative Report 2012 also makes the recommendation that precautionary action should be consistent with other environmental health issues such as BPA in plastics; food additives or contaminants like anti-biotic hormones and GMOs. The Report states, that by not taking precautionary action this would lead to similar outcomes with asbestos, lead and tobacco in human health. (The Bio-Initiative Report 2012, Sec 23, P.4)

In 2018, The National Toxicology Program (NTP) finished a $30 million 10 year study on rats exposed to high exposure High Frequency Radiation. In 2016, concerned about the findings, the NTP released a public warning that Glioma and Acoustic Neuromas were found. These rats that were exposed to 2G and 3G frequency like what we used in our telecommunications also developed heart tumours. Despite these findings IARC have not reconvened sine 2011 to reassess the current Group 2B category even though our exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation has exponential increased (Dr. Erica Mallery-Bligh)

national toxicology program

The Human race has evolved slowly to adapt to our environment. It has taken millions of years to develop our biochemical and biophysical systems to become a complex and dominant species. Our recent high level exposure to man-made EMF and RFR is potentially harming our bodies and compromising our health. Many of the bio-effects of EMF RFR can be reasonably expected to result in adverse health effects if prolonged and chronic exposure occurs. This external stress has the potential to disrupt our homeostasis which will prevent the body from healing damaged DNA, decreasing our immunity and lowering our resistance to disease.

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