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Looking for an electrician Maroubra, look no further than Ambient Electrical. Ambient Electrical is owned and operated solely by one person. With 16 years experience, I have provided my electrical services around Maroubra, adding safety, comfort and value to homes and businesses.

Hiring an Emergency Electrician Maroubra

The major advantages of dealing with an owner/operator are accountability, communication, craftsmanship. As an owner/operator of a successful business, reputation is everything to me. Ambient Electrical has gained a reputation in the Maroubra area for punctuality and professionalism. I arrive on time and present myself in a manner that is courteous and considerate of your living and working space.
Often the issue with communication breakdown is that the message is relayed through one too many persons. Here at Ambient Electrical, I am the person who answers the phone and the same person who attends your property. The task is carried out in a timely manner, without confusion and a finished product that both client and contractor are happy with.

As An Electrician in Maroubra I Can Arrive Fast When Needed

With 16 year’s experience, I have learnt a few tricks of the trade. The knowledge and skills acquired throughout the years has made it possible for me to complete the most difficult of tasks in a timely manner. A good craftsman can make the ordinary look extraordinary.

Having a good understanding of building structure is vital when planning particular jobs too. Knowing how a building has been constructed saves time and money. Being aware of wall cavities or understanding the pitch of a roof provides options when running new cable or making additions to your home or business. Clients are often surprised when I suggest an alternative method or product that will hide unsightly cable.

Ambient Electrical has comprehensive knowledge of electrical products. Keeping up to date with the latest products gives my clients further options on deciding how to complete their project. This is particularly relevant to lighting design, climate control and power distribution. Being the most reliable electrician in Maroubra, I have extensive networks within the lighting and electrical wholesale industries and these relationships help keep Ambient Electrical ahead of the competition.

By taking the time and striving for excellence, Ambient Electrical has become a leading Maroubra Electrician. Call us today.

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