Domestic Switchboard Installation

When do you need a domestic switchboard installation

Ambient Electrical specialises in domestic switchboard Installations and Fuse Box Upgrades.

Upgrading will mean that you no longer have to deal with an inadequate power supply and more importantly you and your family have the latest protection against electrical faults.

Many older homes have a Fuse Box that struggles with the volume and power of modern day appliances. Most homes now have an Air-conditioning unit, a Hot Water System, Washer and Dryer, Electric Oven and other modern appliances such as Microwave, LCD TV and Fridge-Freezer units.

The new demands on your electrical system that was once designed to power up the Transistor Radio, Kelvinator Fridge and to light up a Bulb in each of the 4 or 5 rooms is now blowing fuses trying to keep up with recent demands.

Old Fuse Boxes that have ceramic fuses Do Not provide adequate Safety against Electrical Faults. Ceramic fuses were designed to protect against Short and Overloaded Circuits. They do not protect you against Earth Faults and this is why RCD’s (Safety Switches) were introduced. RCD’s have saved countless lives and prevented injury.

switchboardsToo often, blown Fuses are re-set with over gauged Fuse Wire and in some case Fuse Wire has been replaced with other metals. The purpose of the Fuse Wire is to protect the cable from over-heating. When the wrong guage Fuse Wire is used you and your home is at real risk of injury, death and property damage. Ceramic Fuses are no longer used for this reason and any upgrade to your Fuse Box will mean they will need to be replaced.

Have you noticed or are you experiencing any of the following?

• Have you experienced an electric shock from an appliance or light fitting
• Is there an RCD (Safety Switch) installed to protect Light and Power Circuits
• Do your Fuses or Circuit Breakers trip every time you turn on the Kettle or Toaster
• Do your lights constantly flicker or dim unnecessarily
• Are there Ceramic Fuses in your Meter or Fuse Box
• Is there a Burnt smell or visible charring on or around Fuses

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then you should consider a Switchboard Upgrade.

For more information about Switchboard Upgrades and Installation please call Ambient Electrical on 0415 684 120

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