Why choose Ambient Electrical Services in Sydney

Peter StaffordBecause my service is about achieving great results that do not compromise safety, quality or aesthetics.

Because i have extensive knowledge and experience, which is backed up by 15 years in the industry. By being informative and skill based certainly helps when working alongside my clients to achieve great outcomes.

I take the extra time needed to create and plan an approach that has my clients best interests at heart. Being an owner operator i get great pleasure by satisfying my customers.

I respect and take an interest in my clients, their property and livelihood.

I have a growing number of returning clients and have built numerous friendships with these people.

I am here to answer your questions and provide solutions.

I take Pride in what i do. As an Owner Operator I get great pleasure in satisfying my clients

How do I find a Honest, Reliable and Professional Electrician
Finding an Electrician like any other tradesperson dose not have to be an arduous and time consuming exercise. Below are 5 Tips you need to consider in choosing the right electrician –

Are they Licensed and Insured-????
A licensed/Master Electrician means that they have been trained, tested and gained the necessary experience that meets Australian Standards 3008 and the Electrical Workers Board. It also indicates they are aware of any changes in the Code, Technology and that they are qualified to repair, design, and maintain electrical system.
Ask to see your Electricians ID card issued by the Electrical Workers Registration Board, with his name, registration number and expiry date.

Why is this important? Because hiring a licensed and insured electrician offers you added protection. When an electrician is licensed, it means that they have met the required amount of experience needed to work in this field. Furthermore, you can make background checks to see if their previous work has been violation of the electrical code. An insured electrician is covered under their policy in case of a work accident which damages property or harms lives.

Ask for References – A good, honest electrician should be able to make reference to clients he has done previous work for. References could be names and phone numbers of clients, web site testimonials and written references.

Getting at least three itemized quotes – Don’t just hire the first person that offers the lowest price. The old adage of “you pay for what you get” certainly applies here. A list of labour and material costs is essential as it eliminates any confusion and helps when comparing other quotes.

First Impressions – Do you feel comfortable with the electrician? Is he up front in answering your questions? Is he knowledgeable and informed? Does he communicate well and present himself in a polite and well mannered way?

Ask family, friends, neighbours and associates – this has and continues to be a very popular method in choosing a reliable, professional and honest tradesperson.

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