ASP Level 2

  • ASP Level 2 Services
  • Inspections and maintenance.
  • Metering installation.
  • Electrical Switchboard upgrades.
  • Removal and upgrade of Asbestos Boards.


Ausgrid will issue the landowner a Defect Notice if they think your electrical installation will or may compromise their network or create a safety issue for you and/or the community. Ausgrid make periodic inspections throughout the Sydney region to assess whether or not households and businesses remain compliant.

What happens with an Ausgrid Defect?

Ausgrid has the authority to disconnect any premise if they deem the network is or may be compromised due to your premise being non-compliant. In normal circumstances where there is no immediate threat to safety of person or the network Ausgrid will send you a Defect Notice which you will need to act upon within 21 Days.

A list of Defects ranges from but not limited to

  • Issues with the Point of Attachment
    • Non-compliant bracket
    • No access to the P.O.A.
    • Height clearance of Service Mains
    • Shared P.O.A. or Service Mains crossing neighbouring property
  • Asbestos detected within Electrical equipment or Housing
    • Kilowatt Meters containing asbestos
    • Asbestos in Meter Panel or Enclosure
  • Non-compliant Protection Devices
    • Service Fuse/s replacement
    • No MPD’s (Meter Protection Device) for Smart Metering installation – all tenancy must have individual Fuses to isolate power for the upgrade of old Metering to Smart Meters.
  • Correct Type of Metering
    • All Households and businesses will be required to upgrade their Metering – it has now been Mandated that all
    • Kilowatt Meters (Disc) will be required to be replaced with a Smart Meter.
    • The original Kilowatt Meters contain Asbestos
    • Visual damage to the Service and or Consumer Mains
    • Often this is caused by Storms and or fallen and overgrown trees
    • Deterioration of cable due to weather UV
    • Undersized cabling from Street Pole to premise.

We provide Inspections both onsite and remotely and issue written reports to the client to inform them of their obligations to Ausgrid and for their own peace of mind and safety. Below is a list of the types of inspections we offer and how best to get in contact with us here at Ambient Electrical.

For those Premises that have recently been built or renovated, you may opt-in for a Remote Inspection. This would require us to assess your Electrical Installation with the images you provide and uploaded through the specific links below. We can ascertain whether or not your installation is compliant and what course of action would be required. The cost of the Remote Inspection is $80.00 and comes with a REPORT (emailed to you) with instructions on what to do next.

Comprehensive Site Inspection includes –

  • Assessment of the Meter Panel and Wiring
  • Checking Physical Connections
  • Testing of Electrical Supply
  • Testing Earth Continuity (Major)
  • Checking Phase Rotation of Supply if 3 Phase
  • Testing for a Neutral Supply
  • Inspecting Private Pole for corrosion, stability, and connectivity

Based on the feedback we provide you can request a Quote from us here at Ambient Electrical or feel free to obtain quotes from other qualified and reputable Level 2 Electricians.

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