Electrical Powerpoint Installation

Ambient Electrical offer electrical powerpoint installation. We have assisted hundreds of customers in creating their ideal home and business space with the installation of a wide range of PowerPoints. Whether you need a PowerPoint Repaired, Relocated or in need of more GPO’s in your home, we have the Expertise, Product knowledge and the Skills to make it happen.

Retro fitting PowerPoints can be done in various ways, but the key to achieving a professional finish is hiding the cabling. Although this can be done using surface Duct, Ambient Electrical will always try to access cavities, ceiling and floor space, an/or fixed furniture like BIW to hide the cable. With years of experience and attention to detail we advise our Clients of the most effective way to achieve an outcome that we can both be proud of.

The leading brands, Clipsal, Hager, and HPM/Legrand have a wide range of PowerPoints from the Standard Range to Architecturally Designed.

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We stock the standard HPM and Clipsal range but we will advise and order other products on request.

Adding extra PowerPoints to your home or business will help safeguard the space from dangerous exposed power leads. In addition to this, the installation of extra PowerPoints will reduce the chances of blown Fuses and tripping Circuit Breakers due to overloads.

Please note: it is a legal requirement that all new homes be wired with a minimum of two power circuits. Furthermore, any PowerPoints added to existing circuits must be protected by RCD (Safety Switch). This can be done by adding a PowerPoint with an RCD built-in or have the whole circuit protected by an RCD at the switchboard.

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