Electrical Faults

What causes Electrical Faults?


There are several types of electrical fault that can occur within a circuit:

  • Open Circuit Fault – Open circuit faults happen as a result of a loose, open or corroded connection which impedes the flow of current. Knowing where to look and what to look out for will save the customer a great deal of money and inconvenience.
  • Short Circuit Fault – Short circuit faults can occur as a result of insulation failure or loose cabling making contact between two live conductors.This will often result in tripped Circuit Breakers or Blown Fuses. If the electrical installation is not up to Regulation smoldering and possible fire can occur.
  • Earth Fault – Is the result of a live conductor coming in direct contact with a conductive surface . This in turn, livens up the appliance and if there is No RCD (Safety Switch) present an electrical shock will result when touched. An Earth Fault, can occur via a loose connection or crossed conductor at a termination point i.e. PowerPoint

Electrical Fault Finding

So what is causing your power outage? Ambient Electrical specializes in identifying and rectifying electrical faults.

What are the indications that there could be a fault in your electrical installation? Lights flickering or pulsing, PowerPoints are burnt out, Tripped fuses, Smelt smoke or sighted spark or fire. These are all indicators that there is a problem in your electrical system.

If you suspect an electrical fault, please give Ambient Electrical a call on 0415 684 120

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