Do’s and Don’ts during an electrical emergency situation

11 Jun 2018

Are you thinking to fix the electrical fuse at home by yourself? Are you taking all the safety measures? Do you have all the safety appliances in case of an emergency?

Well, it is great to know something about electricity but safely handling an electrical emergency situation requires years of experience and training. The potential hazards when dealing with electricity are numerous. They include the obvious effects of people coming in contact with live wires and the potential for fires with short circuited wiring. The outcomes are often injury, death of people and livestock and damage to property as a result of fire. The problem with electricity is that you do not sense it until there is an emergency situation. Sighting electrical arcing at a PowerPoint, lighting point or switchboard requires immediate attention. Smelling a toxic smoldering scent requires immediate attention. Hearing a buzzing, crackling sound from Power Points, lighting points or the switchboard requires immediate attention. This is no time to start practicing your new found knowledge of electricity. Pick up the phone and call your qualified Sydney emergency electrician.
Ambient Electrical is a highly regarding Sydney Electrical company that specialises in emergency 24*7 situations. Their professional team of qualified licensed electricians will have your home or business up and running safely in no time.

Listed below are some of the Do’s and Don’ts during an electrical emergency situation:

Turn off the main power supply
The first and the foremost step to be taken, when there is no one around you to ask for help is, turning off the main power supply. Turning off the main power supply will not only shut down the entire chain of the power supply but also reduce the chances of a short circuit.

Call an emergency electrical in Sydney.

The safest way to deal with an electrical emergency situation is, calling a 24-hour electrician in Sydney. Ambient Electrical is one such trusted electrical services in Sydney providing 24*7 emergency electricians for any emergency situation at your home or office.


Don’t touch the person in contact with the electrical shock.

Once you identify that a person is being electrocuted Do Not touch that person or touch anything conductive that they are in contact with. This refers to anything metal such as tools, switchboards and balustrades. The best thing you can do is switch off the main power supply. The faster you can do this the greater chance that person has of surviving.

Don’t touch anything electrical barefooted.

The most common and ignored aspect of safety is touching the Power Points and wires barefooted. Whenever you are dealing with electrical equipment make sure you are wearing properly insulated shoes. If you do not have access to work boots then a good pair of joggers with rubber soles rather than bare feet or thongs could mean the difference between being electrocuted or not.

The above listed Do’s and Don’ts are a must to be followed when dealing with an electrical emergency situation at home or at the office.



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