Surge Protector Installation


Why do you need surge protection installation?

Surge Protection – Do you own expensive electrical appliances or entertainment equipment?  Installing a quality Surge Protector helps protect your property from overvoltage.

A power surge is an unpredictable rise in voltage that makes its way through your electrical installation.  Household and office equipment require a constant and steady voltage to operate efficiently. A spike in voltage can damage and potentially destroy equipment especially things like TV’s, computers and white goods run on microprocessors. Voltage spikes come in varying degrees but over time they have a detrimental effect on your equipment

Overvoltage or Surge Protection can be installed at the switchboard or at individual PowerPoints within the electrical installation. Both offer a resettable function (licensed electrician not required to reset) and indicate if Overvoltage has been detected. The advantage of having protection at the switchboard means the whole electrical installation is protected rather than individual PowerPoints.  Internal Surge Protection devices are best used in conjunction with Surge Protection at the switchboard to provide external and internal protection.

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