Cooktop Installation Sydney

Induction-Cooktop-Ovens-and-StovesOur Cooktop installation service is second no none.

Thinking about upgrading your Oven, Cooktop, Stove or Hot Water System? Consider the following before you do anything.

Ambient Electrical offers cooktop installations Sydney. We also install wall ovens and stand-alone upright stoves, as well as Electric Hot Water Systems. Not only do we install your new appliance, but we are able to conveniently remove your old unit and dispose of it.

When replacing a Cooktop, Oven, Stove or Hot Water System careful consideration needs to be made regarding the existing circuit. Ultimately, the size of the circuit (Current Carrying Capacity) determines the type of fixed appliance that you can install.  An inadequate power supply will cause overload issues and the circuit will continually trip. This generates excessive demand on your electrical installation. In this case, an upgrade to the existing circuit and/or switchboard may be in order. Before you purchase a new appliance call Ambient Electrical so we can assist you in making the right decision.

Our workmanship is backed by a 7 YEAR guarantee, meaning that Ambient Electrical will rectify any problems associated with the installation

For further information call Ambient Electrical on 0415 684 120.

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