Emergency Exit Light Installation

We specialise in emergency exit light installation.

An Emergency light is a battery-backed light that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. Emergency exit lights are required in new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings and are a requirement in older buildings as well.

exit-lightsDo I need Exit and Emergency Lighting?

There are different obligations under the Regulations dependent on if the building was built after 1st July 1994, or when building work occurred on that building.

In essence, all Class 6 buildings over 100m² built after 1st July 1994 require exit and emergency lighting and all Class 6 buildings require at least one exit sign. Class 6 buildings include shops, cafés, restaurants and bars.

All required exit signs and emergency lights must comply with Australian Standard AS2293.1.

Testing and Reporting is Mandatory

Occupational Health and Safety legislation is now operational in all States and Territories. This legislation provides that the periodic inspection and maintenance of emergency lighting and exit signs must be carried out to ensure that they are fully operational in accordance with AS/NZS 2293.2.1995 and the Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2010.

Ambient Electrical perform testing and maintenance on emergency and exit lights in accordance with Australian Standards 2293. The Standard states that a full battery discharge of each emergency and exit light must be performed every 6 months and written records of these tests must be kept.

Emergency Lighting and Exit signs contact Ambient Electrical on 0415 684 120

Ambient Electrical provides the following:

  • Emergency Lighting/Exit Services
  • Test and maintain Emergency lighting/exit in accordance with regulations
  • Log Books- Report on the condition of emergency lighting/exit systems
  • Repair broken or faulty equipment (all types and brands)

Ambient Electrical actively promotes the use of LED and Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology. LED lighting provides up to 100,000 hours of light and reduces power consumption by 2/3 when compared to normal fluorescent lamps. Lithium Iron Phosphate battery provides up to 10 years battery life which is twice that of most other technologies. The use of the above mentioned technologies provides an effective method in lowering your energy and maintenance costs.

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