Dimmers are a great way to control your lighting, creating that perfect mood, whilst saving on power. Ambient Electrical are specialists in dimmer replacement, dimmer installation and dimmer repairs.  We help clients make informative decisions regarding lighting arrangements and the various ways in which to control that lighting to achieve the mood that they desire. Using Dimmers to set light levels and utilising different types of light fittings go a long way to achieving this.

clipsal-safetyThe conventional knob Dimmers, although effective are gradually being superseded by the more attractive Push Button Dimmers. In particular, the Clipsal and HPM Dimmer range offer LED backlit dimmers for effect and added function, particularly in dark unfamiliar areas. Also, Clipsal and HPM offer remote control dimmers for added convenience.

Please note: some Push Button Dimmers require no extra wiring when retro-fitted whilst others need further cabling run to the switch point.

Dimmers have proved an exceptionally popular choice for not only controlling light but reducing energy consumption. They also lengthen the lifespan of your globes. By dimming your lights, you transform the feel of a room, save money on your electricity bills and purchasing of globes whilst reducing the time taken to maintain the lighting in your home or business space.

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