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Ambient Electrical provides a Test and Tag Sydney service for industrial and office equipment, kitchen appliances and other electrical appliances. We have provided Testing and Tagging services to clients across Sydney Metro and Eastern Suburb areas since 2011.

Testing and Tagging of equipment and appliances is done in accordance with AS3760. All electrical equipment must be Tested and Tagged periodically to meet Work, Health and Safety Regulations.
All Testing and Tagging is documented and a copy of the Report forwarded to the client. Included in the report, is a schedule for periodic Testing and Tagging Maintenance Program that complies with Australian Standards and BCA requirements.

Appliance Testing and Tagging

Ambient Electrical specialises in the safety inspection of electrical appliances to meet Australian Standard AS3760.

Our qualified test and tag technicians come to your workplace to inspect your electrical appliances, tools and extension leads.

All equipment and appliances are given a thorough visual inspection prior to electrical testing of:

  • Insulation
  • Polarity
  • Continuity
  • Trip times for Portable Safety Switches

The results from the testing are recorded electronically for record keeping.

Appliances that are faulty may be repaired on-site. Our Electricians carry a range of spare parts to accommodate most repairs.

Why You Need Test and Tag Sydney Service?

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, it is the obligation of all employers to ensure that the workplace is safe for employees and clients. This includes electrical safety and the regular inspection of electrical appliances and equipment.

Having your work place compliant, inclusive of Testing & Tagging, reduces the risk of liability and injury. Electrical compliance contributes to your overall OH&S Risk Management.

Prevention of workplace accidents reduces insurance premiums. Failure to comply with your obligations under OH&S Legislation may also mean that your insurance is voided.

For more information on Testing & Tagging please call Ambient Electrical on 0415 684 120

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